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Collaboration is Key with APEX Fintech Solutions' Lisa Stevenson

  • Written by APEX Fintech Solutions, a PEAK6 company.  

     APEX Fintech Solutions' Lisa Stevenson sits down with Sync NI to discuss her journey into technology and her role in promoting diversity and inclusion at APEX Fintech Solutions. 

    Lisa Stevenson has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Whether it was starting the new Belfast office of APEX Fintech Solutions, a PEAK6 company amid a global pandemic or being only one of three women in her software engineering program at university, Stevenson brings her keen interest and agile mindset to everything she does. 

    "I have always been interested in STEM subjects," she says. "In learning how things work, especially gadgets, and using technology to solve problems." 

    As much as Stevenson loves technology, after completing her software engineering degree, she realised coding was not something she really loved as much as seeing the product being delivered. She had the opportunity to help manage a desktop rollout project, which utilised her organisation and teamwork skills, and embraced the shift into a software delivery manager role. 

    "It's gratifying to see change happen and being that change agent, whether it's with a product or a team, and to always strive for continuous improvement," says Stevenson. 

    Adopting Agile early on when she worked at Egg, the UK's first internet-only bank, transformed how she viewed software delivery and teamwork. There was more collaboration, a quicker and more efficient release cadence, and heightened transparency. "There was an increase in flexibility between the business and the technology team," Stevenson says. "I have adopted an Agile approach ever since." 

    That willingness to partner carries over into the APEX Fintech Solutions, where, under Stevenson's guidance as the Site Lead, tech people for multiple industries work together under the same roof. APEX Fintech Solutions’ core brands include PEAK6 Capital Management, Apex Fintech Solutions, National Flood Services, and Evil Geniuses. 

    "APEX Fintech Solutions is unique in that it's not just one company. It covers an array of industries. We leverage our technical integrity and operational excellence across several investment areas, spanning from early- to mid-growth capital, operational control, trading, cryptocurrency, and esports. You'll find a bit of everything here," Stevenson says. "For us, it means we have a variety of viewpoints and can share our knowledge on the quickest way to get an answer or tap into a different perspective." 

    Stevenson was hired to build the APEX Fintech Solutions office from scratch, an opportunity she could not pass up. Amazingly, she started in March 2020, right when the pandemic shutdowns began. Throughout the lockdowns, she hired and onboarded the APEX Fintech Solutions first forty people. They recently began working in-person together two days a week, which Stevenson calls a joy.  

    "We now have a shared space where we can collaborate, share knowledge, and work on problem-solving together," Stevenson says. "We enjoy the flexibility to be in-person for certain team activities, as well as being able to work from anywhere and still remain an engaged, productive team."   

    Stevenson also is a part of APEX Fintech Solutions' Women in Tech Alliance, whose mission is to increase, retain, and promote more women in tech across the company. The group has hosted workshops, held coffee chats with senior management, and runs a mentorship program.  

    "With mentoring, we are able to have new and less-experienced women tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of senior leaders to help advance their careers," Stevenson says. "We want everyone to succeed in APEX Fintech Solutions." 

    She hopes to build on her core team and is looking to hire innovative, smart people who are looking to be empowered in their roles and have an eagerness to learn and grow.  

    "By joining APEX Fintech Solutions, you'll collaborate with some of tech's sharpest minds to solve the firm's ever-changing and exciting challenges," says Stevenson. "Working in tech at APEX Fintech Solutions means you'll always be presented with a variety of new possibilities as you hone your skills. An eagerness to learn and grow isn't just part of the culture. It is the culture." 

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