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PwC’s Tech Degree gives me scope to try different areas of Technology before specialising

  • Written by PwC

    Maisy was one of the first students on our Flying Start Technology Degree programme and now in her third year she’s well and truly fast tracking her career in the technology industry.

    Alongside studying towards a Software Engineering degree at Queens University, Maisy has paid work placements at PwC during her four-year programme. The degree is fully funded which means you don’t need to pay your tuition fees, and as part of her work placements in the Belfast office she’ll be working on cutting-edge digital and technology projects.

    “I’ve really enjoyed being able to learn in University and then apply what I’ve learnt to industry through this course. It’s been challenging at times as it’s obviously different to other University courses, but I’ve never felt that I was at a disadvantage with having to do placements over the summer, or under more pressure with exams. I think the two, University and industry placements, go hand-in-hand.”

    During her paid placements Maisy’s had the chance to work in different technology teams, something she relishes as each placement is completely different. This has given her the opportunity to explore avenues of technology she wasn’t familiar with and also have hands-on experience with some of the most advanced tools on the market.

    “Weirdly, I’ve also enjoyed having a structured routine; working Monday to Friday and then having weekends as my own. It’s also helped me when I go back to my university life to be able to structure my own study time.”

    maisy and friend in boat

    One of the other benefits about the Flying Start Technology Degree programme is that students don’t need to worry about repaying university fees, and that at the end of their degree, there could be a job waiting for them at their local PwC office. As degree apprenticeships and partnership degrees become more prominent and welcomed by students and universities, we’re looking to expand the number of students we welcome through these courses. Our Technology Degree programme is currently available at the University of Birmingham, University of Leeds and Queen's University Belfast.

    “I often get people telling me how lucky I am to get work experience early in the industry and how good it is that not only would I have experience, but a degree also. I’ve told all my friends and family to look at programmes like these as it was exactly what I wanted but didn’t know existed until I looked.”

    As Maisy embarks on the final year of her degree programme, not only has her confidence and technical knowledge grown, but she’s also been able to support others starting out in their career as a ‘buddy’.

    She’s keeping her options open in terms of which technology route she wants to specialise in, after all, with another work experience placement on the horizon it’s likely she’ll get to work with another new team and technology. The world really is hers to take, and the Technology Degree programme has helped give her the knowledge to take the next step.

    To find out more about our Flying Start Technology Degree programmes, click here.

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