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Life in PwC's Operate Finance Solutions team - Luke

  • Written by the team at PwC

    In the week I work in finance, on the weekend I’m a semi-professional footballer

    Luke joined our Operate Finance Solutions team in Belfast in 2019. Having finished school with qualifications in Economics, Digital Technology and Business, Luke took the opportunity to join our School Leaver programme, combining a full time job alongside exam study. Our School Leaver programmes provide our people with the support needed to revise and study towards a number of widely recognised qualifications, each one tailored to the programme they join.

    “Going from school into full time work was always going to be a big change and it did take time for me to adjust, especially as I started to then study for my upcoming exams. It’s important to recognise that it takes time to adapt and not to put pressure on yourself to get it right the first time, or expect to be able to do everything right away. For me, I find it easier to map out my week and how I’ll fit in my work requirements alongside study and my football training.”

    At PwC you’re encouraged to prioritise your own social life, and even to share what you enjoy with your teams. Not only does this help build trust and respect that you can fit your work around your own social activities, but it also helps build strong working relationships.

    For Luke, he prioritises training with his football club, Knockbreda FC, and is getting ready for the launch of the Irish Cup later this year. He also supports Liverpool and relishes every opportunity he has to go and watch them when he can. 

    At work and as part of the Operate Finance Solutions team, Luke predominantly works with one major client and delivers their monthly accounts and year end financial statements.

    “I split my time across accounts receivable, client accounting and accounts payable as well as additional audit and year end preparations. The work involves the preparation of invoices, cashing receipts, paying creditor invoices, monthly and quarterly bank reconciliations. Having studied these terms and processes whilst at school, it’s really interesting to now be actually doing the work and putting into practice what I’d only read about before.”

    Our School Leaver programmes are open to all, regardless of what you’ve chosen to study at school or college. Our induction and training programmes assume no prior knowledge and everyone is given the same foundation training. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re then encouraged to explore other training available within PwC which will help you develop your skills and suit your client work needs.

    Since joining less than two years ago, Luke has completed a number of internal training opportunities on our Vantage platform. He credits his digital upskilling with having a big impact on his professional development and even during the covid pandemic, continued to take the time to focus on his own personal growth. 

    “Being open to the idea of learning a new skill or trait which could potentially boost productivity and efficiency in the future is encouraged at PwC. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to build on my skills and talents as I know that not all workplaces put emphasis on continual training.”

    Luke would describe his career so far as challenging, rewarding and fast-paced.

    Originally from Larne, Luke moved to Belfast to start at PwC and lives in a house with three of his closest friends who are all currently at university. He enjoys the camaraderie of living with his friends and has encouraged them to explore work experience at PwC as part of their degrees.
    One of the other benefits Luke is particularly enjoying is being paid a full time salary, giving him the freedom to explore and travel (pre-pandemic). Looking to the future he plans to go to Portugal for ‘Rolling Loud’, the world's largest hip-hop festival and cannot wait to get back into the office to meet up with his work friends.

    “If you’d ask me how to describe myself, I'd say I’m outgoing, reliable and ambitious. But you don’t have to be all of these to join PwC. One of the most interesting aspects for me joining a big company was the diversity of people who work here. Coming straight from school I had grown up with the same people, from the same area. But in the Belfast office we have people who are from all over Ireland and the rest of the world. It’s great to work with people with different perspectives and experiences and it’s really helped me learn too.”

    If you’re interested in joining PwC on one of our school leaver programmes, click here to find out more.

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