Spanish proptech startup Spotahome expands to Ireland

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  • Spotahome, a proptech start-up headquartered in Madrid, Spain, has expanded into Ireland in order to disrupt the country’s fast-growing rental market.

    The tech startup, which was founded by the entrepreneurs Alejandro Artacho, Hugo Monteiro, Bruno Bianchi and Bryan McEire in March 2014, now operates in 16 major cities spread across nine different countries.

    Spotahome is a direct property letting platform that provides prospective tenants with HD video tours of properties, as well as high-res photos, floor plans and fully transparent property descriptions, mitigating the risk that a rental property may not be as described by a landlord or lettings agent, particularly for expats who are moving to a new city and may need to rent a property without seeing it in person.

    Alejandro Artacho, Spotahome’s Co-founder and CEO, explained: “Spotahome gives tenants immediate access to properties without having to attend multiple viewings. Tenants are very happy to rent property without having seen it in person and this is especially relevant to those who are travelling from abroad. A few years ago, it was hard to imagine using someone’s home abroad for a holiday rental, however, now it’s a hugely popular option. The digitalisation of the rental market is going the same way.”

    In addition to simplifying the rental process for tenants, and providing them with added security and peace of mind if they are unable to view a property in person, Spotahome also offers landlords huge time and cost savings.

    “Gone are the days when landlords have to filter calls from prospective tenants and hold viewings,” Alejandro Artacho said. “Once they register, their property is photographed, HD video content created and detailed transparent property descriptions done, which Spotahome stands over.

    “All the landlord then needs to do is accept the tenant proposed by Spotahome. Spotahome handles all the communications and the landlord only needs to arrange to meet the tenant to hand over the keys and sign contracts.”

    Unlike airbnb, which is also becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, Spotahome will focus on serving Irish landlords that want to rent their properties out on a mid- to long-term basis, rather than renting to holidaymakers.

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