Whitepot Studios: gaming for success

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  • The global gaming industry has experienced an entrepreneurial boom in recent years, with the market expected to grow from $101.1bn in 2016 to an estimated $128.5 billion by the end of 2020 - making this a significant era of opportunity, particularly for the UK games industry.

    As of June 2017, the UK is home to a total of 2,141 active game companies, operating at varying sizes across the entire spectrum of games technologies – from PC, console and mobile to the rapidly-evolving sectors, most notably AR and VR. One of these companies is Northern Ireland’s own Whitepot Studios, which was founded in 2016 by
    Queen’s University Belfast graduates Adam Whiteside and Vicky Potts. 

    Established as a games development and creative media studio, Whitepot Studios specialises in the production of Android, iOS and PC games using Unity as their primary development tool. Now one year into their business venture, Adam and Vicky are participants in the 2017 round of the coveted Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator. Coinciding with their place on the programme, Adam and Vicky have just released their flagship game, Tubocity, which is fast earning praise amongst avid gamers. 

    Powered by the strapline "get your ship together", Tubocity is a sci-fi themes arcade runner where
    players aboard a spaceship and fly through the tube at the speed of light, avoiding obstacles by jumping and swiping in what is the ultimate test of reflexes.

    Using iOS, Facebook and Google Play, players can compete with their friends and try for the global high score. The game is also equipped with easy touch controls, Apple Game Centre and Google Play Games functionality. Retro gamers are also guaranteed a healthy dose of nostalgia with touches of Wipeout and Tempest featured throughout.

     Available on iOS and Android, Tubocity is available (almost) globally and has already been downloaded in 35 countries since its release. So, if you’re a keen gamer seeking your next adventure, or are new to the scene, download Tubocity for free – it’s addictively good!

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