Twitter has replaced the pistol emoji with a water gun

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  • Following companies such as Apple, WhatsApp, and Samsung, Twitter has announced that the gun emoji on its platform will now be replaced with a water gun.

    The change is part of a number being rolled out on Twitter’s emoji update, Twemoji 2.6, affecting users on the web, mobile web, and Tweetdeck platforms.

    Twitter confirmed the change in an email with TechCrunch, saying that the decision was made for “consistency”.

    Back in 2016, Apple successfully had a rifle emoji removed from the standardised collection of icons, which was met with huge controversy, mainly due to the fact that a pistol emoji still existed.

    Not long after this, however, Apple made the decision to change to pistol emoji to a bright green water pistol.

    “The main problem with the different appearances of the pistol emoji has been the potential for confusion when one platform displays this as an innocuous toy, and another shows the same emoji as a weapon. This was particularly an issue in 2016 when Apple changed the pistol emoji out of step with every single other vendor at the time,” notes Jeremy Burge, Emojipedia’s found and vice chair on the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. “Now we’re seeing multiple vendors all changing to a water pistol image in a similar timeframe with Samsung and Twitter both changing their design this year,” he says.

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