James Corden's Snapchat show launches today

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  • CBS announced that James Corden would be getting his own Snapchat reality show last year, with the first episode launching today.

    The show is called James Corden’s Next James Corden where the actor will look look for a successor for his role as host for the Late Late Show (Though he has no plans to actually leave the role). CBS explains that Corden “knows that someday, years and years from now, he’ll have to hand over the reins to a new host, and he wants ample time to select and groom a worthy successor."

    Episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays for six episodes on Snapchat’s Discover page.

    The show will also feature actor Haley Joel Osment and singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter.

    CBS is not the only network to create exclusive content for Snapchat, with ESPN and NBC, amongst many more, have all announced exclusive shows. 

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