Amsterdam will limit Airbnb rentals to 30 days a year

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  • City councillors in Amsterdam have decided to limit the number of nights Airbnb hosts can rent out their apartments in the city to 30 nights per day, due to come into play from 2019.

    Last year the limit had been imposed to 60 days.

    Housing alderman Laurens Ivens said, “I recognise that reducing the length of time is not the solution to city congestion but it will reduce the problems caused by tourists in some areas and will make it less inviting to use your home as a way to earn money.”

    Amsterdam isn’t the only city to impose these kinds of limits on Airbnb hosts. Last year London set a 90-day limit and Paris set a maximum of 120 days per year.

    In response, Bo de Koning, Airbnb’s public policy manager for the Netherlands and Scandinavia, expressed disappointment and claimed that the typical Amsterdam landlord on Airbnb earns less than €4,000 per year, sharing their home for an average of fewer than 3 days per month.

    She also added that half of the Airbnb landlords in the city are self-employed; one in four is under 30 and more than 40 percent use the income to stay in their home.

    “The Airbnb community – consisting of 19,000 Amsterdam landlords – is disappointed in your intention to have large hotels prevail over Amsterdam families who occasionally share their homes and punish them for the shortcomings of other platforms to promote responsible holiday rentals,” she said. “Airbnb has been a proactive and supportive partner of Amsterdam since 2014.”

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