Transport Hackathon to be hosted by Queens University

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  • Queen's University Belfast are set to host a transport hackathon over the weekend of 19th to 21st January at their new state of the art Computer Science building.

    The event, part of TIMON an EU funded transport project, will give people the opportunity to come up with new and innovative solutions to improve road safety, reduce congestion and lower pollution.

    Aidan McGuire, CEO of The Sensible Code Company who are organising the event and are a partner in the project explained “The TIMON project is a really exciting piece of R&D which is attempting to address the underlying issues of the current road transport systems.

    As part of the Hackathon weekend we will be showcasing, the yet to be released, TIMON application which will include access to transport and environmental data from Belfast, and transport, environmental and traffic data from Helmond (Netherlands) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).”

    Aidan added “With no registration fee and a €6,000 Prize Pool, the event is aimed at people with an interest in open data or transport from students to transit authorities, from train spotters to cycling vultures. Whatever the skill or level of expertise the Hackathon will provide a chance to think outside the box about those transport issues people face on a daily basis.”

    Leire Serrano, the Timon project manager from DeustoTech-Mobility at the University of Deusto said “A key component of the TIMON project is the development of Artificial Intelligence models to aid traffic congestion predictions and optimize multi-modal route planning, which we hope to make available at the Hackathon.”

    Andrew Bolster of FarsetLabs Belfast explained “"The accessibility, efficiency and use of public transport infrastructure defines the character of cities across the world. From London's Oyster Cards to the Bay Areas's BART, the integration of services and the application of innovative technologies drives economic and social outcomes across the world. My hope is that hosting the TIMON hack in Belfast will be able to bring some of that impetus to our local beleaguered transport system and provide some needed inspiration for service design and delivery, securing Belfast's future as an open, accessible, smart city."
    For further details and to register please visit

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