Sony has sold over 70 million PS4 consoles

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  • Sony has just announced that the Playstation 4 has surpassed 70 million units sold worldwide, catching up on its predecessor, the Playstation 3, which sold 80 million units over its lifespan.

    It was also announced that Sony has sold over 617 million PS4 games.

    The last time Microsoft released unit sales numbers was in January of this year, when they announced that the Xbox One had sold 26 million units, so it’s not clear how the two console are doing against each other currently.

    Sony also announced that customers have bought more than 2 million Playstation VR units, with more than 12 million PSVR games having been sold as of this month.

    “We’re still trying to understand exactly what people are going to want to do in that medium,” Sony Interactive Entertainment America president Shawn Layden told The Verge back in June. “It’s hard to make predictions about it. People will want it to be smaller, lighter, wireless - these are all things we’re looking at from a conventional iteration process. But I don’t presume to be able to tell you what VR is going to look like in the year 2018 or 2019. We’re going to find out together as we go along."

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