Amazon has finally launched in Australia

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  • Amazon is now running in Australia, after months of speculation as to when it would launch.

    The site started taking orders on Tuesday and is offering free shipping on orders over $50 AUD.

    Amazon will offer products across more than 20 different categories, including consumer electronics, clothing and sports equipment.

    “They are offering pretty good deals and their launch is really aggressive, but it is just not meeting what Australian consumers expect at the moment,” said Kim Do, senior analyst at IBISWorld. “In the next year, they are still going to rapidly gain market share as they improve their product categories, they improve their shipping time and they improve their relationship with manufacturers and suppliers.”

    The e-commerce giant has set up one of its distribution centres just outside the city of Melbourne, hoping this will cut delivery time to a day.

    For now, however, Amazon estimates that its free deliveries within east coast cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra should take three business days.

    Shipping to more remote areas of the country could take up to 10 days.

    Setting up in Australia presents Amazon with a unique challenge, as despite the fact the country is almost as large as America, only 24 million people live there, and major populations can be 4,000km apart.

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