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  • OWASP Belfast – 5th December

    Have you got what it takes to be one of Ireland’s most secure coders?

    Join the FIRST EVER All-Ireland OWASP Secure Coding Tournament, with venues in Belfast, along with Dublin & Cork. Whether you are eager to prove your web application AppSec knowledge of the OWASP Top 10 and watch as you climb to the top of the Leader board or simply want to learn more at your ease about how to code more securely.

    Note that this is a practical session - EVERYONE is welcome.

    In each challenge, participants will be presented with a series of vulnerable code snippets and will be required to identify the problem, locate the insecure code, and fix the vulnerability. Select from various software languages to complete the tournament, including: Java EE, Java Spring, C# MVC, C# WebForms, Ruby on Rails, Python Django & Node.Js.

    Prizes will be provided to the top three warriors.

    Register here >>>

    The Big Market 2017 – 6th December

    The Big Market is returning to St George’s Market, Belfast for a third year running, on Wednesday 6 December 2017, from 10am until 2pm.

    Join them as over 90 student companies from all across Northern Ireland, set up their stalls with a wide range of exciting products for you to choose from.

    Come along, show your support and take your pick from a wide variety of products. To add to the excitement, local business leaders will be judging the companies to award prizes on the day and recognise their achievements.

    The Big Market is the first key showcase event for young people taking part in the Young Enterprise NI programmes. Young Enterprise NI’s programmes are aimed at helping to develop employability skills, increase confidence, and get young people to consider business start-up as a future career option. 

    More info here >>>

    Nigma Event: Starting a career in Technology – 6th December

    For their next event, Nigma has been invited to ShopKeep's Belfast offices for an exciting personal account on how to jump-start a career in technology; followed by a technical insight into API first design and how it can help you!

    This month's topics include:

    Art Knipe (@awflwafl) on Jumpstarting your tech career!

    Art is a software engineer who dedicates most of his time to the JavaScript domain. Art is involved in Code Co-Op which runs free-form socials and set coding challenges at Farset Labs. Code Co-Op is designed for people who prefer to learn outside of formal programmes and enables them to come together and help each other out. The group receives continuous support from Farset Labs and the wider Code Co-Op community.

    Annette McCullough (@annettemccull) on API first design

    Annette will be speaking on personal experience as a team lead and what exactly “API First” means; All too often, “API First” can come to mean “Yeah, APIs are important, but they’re not essential”. Just as you spend time to design your graphical user interface, invest time to design your API!

    Get your tickets here >>>

    Code Co-Op Challenge - 7th December

    Try your hand at this month's coding challenge and learn how your peers tackle the same task. You can also watch a volunteer programming their solution live as they talk through their thought process. 

    At the end of the challenge you'll have a chance to present your solution and make a pull request to Code Co-Op's Github.

    We'll be hosted by Farset Labs - a local hackerspace and a charity. They provide outstanding support to the local tech community. If you like the event and the space, please donate £3 pounds to keeping the space open.

    Warm beverages - tea and coffee - will be provided.

    Register here >>>

    #puppethack – 7th-8th December

    #puppethack is a collaborative, relaxed online Puppet community hack day. It's an opportunity for Puppet community members and Puppet employees to tackle interesting or fun Puppet projects, get to know each other, and collaborate on pull requests.

    Drop in at any point! The extended hours reflect the many time zones of Puppet Contributors.

    Who is #puppethack for?

    #puppethack is for beginners with some Puppet experience, intermediate, and advanced Puppet users, contributors, developers, module authors, docs writers, and anyone else contributing to the Puppet community.

    Puppet engineers will be available during Open Lab times should you need help on a project (times below).

    *NOTE: This is not a good event for folks who are new to Puppet entirely, as we won't be going over the basics of what Puppet is.

    We will be drawing random winners throughout the entire event. In order to be entered into the drawing, you must be registered for the event.

    Register here >>>

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