Moment Health commences clinical trial with Ulster University

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  • New technology company Moment Health launched its first innovation to the consumer market last week, The Moment Health App, and kicks off a Clinical Trial with Ulster University, following on from the announcement of the university’s £5million investment in a new Institute of Mental Health Studies.

    Moment Health tackles maternal mental health by providing new mothers and their families with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental health and recover from illness in the palm of their hands.

    Nuala Murphy, CEO of Moment Health, said:  “This is a real milestone for the company.  As an Invest Northern Ireland client I was able to apply for an Innovation Voucher, partnering with Ulster University, to validate the product market fit.  We are delighted that due to significant early results we are continuing this collaboration with the university.  25% of women in the western world suffer from post natal depression.  The clinical trial is vital in proving the efficacy and outcomes and therefore the future of Moment Health as we tackle maternal mental health in the UK and Northern Ireland with a view to going global.”

    Not all innovation vouchers lead to clinical trials but the combination of the product, data and drive of the entrepreneur behind Moment Health led researchers at the university to realise that there is no question of the potential of the app.  The Invest NI Innovation Voucher enabled the company to incorporate novel ways of capturing people’s mood using the app, and Ulster University’s UX-Lab also provided expertise on the app’s usability.

    Maurice Mulvenna, Professor of Computer Science at Ulster University, has described the research already carried out as having significant early results.

    Prof Mulvenna said, “Our work with Moment Health fits perfectly within Ulster University’s ‘Healthy Communities’ theme as part of our Five and Fifty Strategic Plan.  Dr Anne Moorhead and Dr Raymond Bond and others in Ulster examined how mental health and wellbeing can be measured and supported using digital technology, and early results indicate exciting new opportunities using data analytics, as part of Ulster’s Cognitive Analytics Research Lab (CARL).  The impact of this work has great potential to expand beyond the initial Innovation Voucher and is fully in line with Ulster’s Research and Impact Strategy.”

    Available now to download, in its first week the Moment Health app has already ranked as the number one health and fitness app in the UK.

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