Google challenges EU fine

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  • On Monday, Googled appealed the €2.4 billion fine that it was ordered to pay by the European Commission in June.

    The European Commission based the fine on claims that the company was abusing its power by giving prominent placement in search results to its comparison shopping service and demoting rival offerings.

    When the fine was imposed, Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s Competition Commissioner said that Google’s activity was “illegal under EU antitrust rules”.

    A spokesperson then said that Google “respectfully disagreed” with the ruling.

    The Luxembourg-based General Court, Europe’s second-highest, is expected to take several years before ruling on the appeal.

    Google was given 90 days to end these practices or they would face a further fine of 5% of the average daily global earning of its parent company Alphabet.

    They must implement the plans submitted in August by 28th September.

    Vestager said the proposals pointed “in the very right direction”, but the company will be closely monitored for a number of years.

    When the news initially broke of the fine Alphabet, Google’s parent company, saw their profits fall by 30%.

    Google is also facing further multi-billion fines from the Commission as a result of its Android software and online advertising network.

    The appeal comes following a victory for Intel. Europe’s highest court last week announced a €1.1 billion fine against Intel, levied in 2009, should be re-examined.

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