Northern Ireland's Top 10 to look out for

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  • These are in no particular order

    Kris Jones - CTO @ Secure Broadcast

    Conor Graham - Co-Founder @ Nigma, HackTheHub, RepMe

    Sarah Moore - Founder @ In The Deep End

    Hannah Fleming - Founder @ Hi Baby Blog

    Matthew Large - Founder @ glistrr ltd

    Paula Heaney - Founder @ Skinny Malinkys

    Vicky Potts - Co-Founder @ Whitepot Studios

    Raymond Dillon - Managing Director @ Proto Software

    Adam Flanagan - Founder @ Future Summits

    Aaron Gibson - CEO @ Hurree

    Spotlight on Kris Jones:
    Kris’ motivation to study Computer Science was driven by his love for technology and curiosity to find out how things are built and how he could improve them. Early on in his degree he fell in love with programming, especially iOS Development, which encouraged him to push several apps to the App Store. The exposure and kudos he received massively helped boost his career, and was always a positive talking point when talking to anyone in the industry.

    His passion in the industry is Product Development, delivering a product that customers need and love really motivates him. This started when he worked at Kainos on several customer facing products, most notably the leading healthcare product Evolve. After valuable time at Kainos Kris moved to Secure Broadcast. This is when he knew Product Development was for him.

    20 months after joining Secure Broadcast he was promoted to CTO. This was down to his deep technical and philosophical understanding of the product and, vision for the company (and of course, hard work). For Kris, working at Secure Broadcast is a dream job, they have a fantastic product, an amazing team and two true visionaries driving their product forward, the founder Helen Lennon and Co Founder Damian Purcell.

    Spotlight on Conor Graham:
    Conor Graham, a 23 year old entrepreneur, is the founder of Nigma, a student developer community based in Belfast and Dublin, and a co-founder of HackTheHub, an annual hackathon which aims to use tech to bring about change in Northern Ireland, that has gained support from companies such as Google, Deloitte, Amazon and Fujitsu.

    Most recently he has left a large consultancy firm to go chase the startup dream with an influencer marketing agency called RepMe, that specialises in influencer marketing, viral marketing and social broadcasting, which works with over 100 content creators with a combined reach of over 5,000,000 followers.

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