Launch your cyber career with PwC and Black Duck Software

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  • PwC and Black Duck Software are offering students a unique opportunity to establish a career in Northern Ireland’s growing cyber security industry.

    30 participants will be invited to attend a 19 week, intense training programme, that will equip successful students with best-in-class cyber security training, a recognised industry qualification and an interview for a job with either company.

    The PwC & Black Duck Cyber Security Academy, which is funded by the Department for the Economy, offers candidates the chance to play a part in this high-value sector which is increasingly important to the Northern Ireland economy.

    Northern Ireland is now the number one location in Europe for cyber security investment.

    Both PwC & Black Duck organisations have significant growth plans, offering the chance for career progression while developing technical expertise.

    For further information and to apply visit The closing date for applications is Friday 7 July 2017.

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