Ormeau Baths officially opens its doors

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  • Ormeau Baths has marked its official opening by announcing a new partnership with start-up investment fund techstart NI.

    Ormeau Baths, a new collaborative co-working space for entrepreneurs and startups in Belfast, aims to become a hub for the Northern Irish tech community.

    The project is being driven by entrepreneurs Jon Bradford, Mark Dowds, Aaron Taylor and Steve Pette.

    The Baths officially opened its doors this week at a launch event for members, tenants and supporters, including its major corporate partner Barclays, which has established its first Eagle Lab in Belfast in the new technology hub.

    Mark Dowds, co-founder of Ormeau Baths, said: “As Ormeau Baths matures it will become the natural place in Belfast for hackathons and meet ups for early stage and well-funded start-ups to learn from one another.”

    Established by Invest NI as part of its Access to Finance strategy, techstart NI provides support for early stage technology businesses and university spin-outs through its £17m equity fund, two £1.5m university funds and a £4.6m proof of concept (PoC) grant fund.

    Jamie Andrews, Investment Director at techstartNI, said: "We want to continue working with the best early stage technology companies in Northern Ireland so it is a natural fit to link up with Ormeau Baths. It is a fantastic new outward looking and ambitious initiative that will attract some of the best people and we look forward to contributing to its success.

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