Call for speakers: Lightning Talks - What is your big IoT idea?

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    The Internet of Things Alliance (IoTA) is holding a Lightning Talks session and is looking for anyone who is working in / or has interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) to come along and give a 5 minute presentation. 

    And there are spaces in the audience - already there is a great variety of content and a high likelihood that at least one of the topics will be really interesting to you. 

    Kindly hosted by Totalmobile, the free session will take place 6pm - 8pm Wednesday 20th September (see the IoTA Meetup page for details and registration).

    Here's a flavour of the other Lightning Talks already confirmed:

    Totalmobile helps its customers release the potential in their mobile workforce with their powerful enterprise mobility solution, WorkNow. Conor Cassidy, Product Owner of IoT at Totalmobile, will demonstrate how they are leveraging the power of IoT by using sensor data to generate the work for mobile workforces across a wide variety of industries.

    Dr Alison Buick from QUB’s School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will share her work in the area of connected health. She is launching a pilot with BrainWaveBank who has developed a solution which allows anyone to measure and track their cognitive health at home, taking just a few minutes everyday).

    The Internet of Medical Things  will help provide better elder care and in turn control medical costs. Paul Moorhead, Founder and CTO, Kraydel will give a high-level overview of Insight which provides non-intrusive oversight for vulnerable people living alone, and helps care givers to do their jobs more easily and effectively.

    The Internet of Things is advancing a new breed of smart buildings. Cormac DiamondBloc Blinds founder and MD, will tell us about his he is using new technologies to develop smart blinds which help with efficiency, comfort and sustainability. 

    Quintin Balsdon, a Mobile Developer for Camlin by day and an IoT hobbist by night, will share with us 'Learn Android concepts in 5 minutes'.

    And Dean Hamilton SVP and general manager of Accelerite’s IoT Service Enablement Business Unit will speak about his experiences from the Internet of Things World show in Berlin, and provide his analysis on emerging trends in the IoT sector.

    Conor Cassidy, Totalmobile, said, “We have taken a look at some of the innovative and ground-breaking possibilities that the Internet of Things has opened up. This Meetup is a great opportunity to learn about some of the projects being worked on locally that will transform both our professional and personal lives, as well as giving us the opportunity to showcase some of the transformative technologies we are proud of. We love being involved with local talent in an environment where we can inspire each other.”

    If you are interested in giving a 5 minute Lightning Talk or simply attending this free Meetup get in contact/ register via the IoTA Meetup page.

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