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  • Recently we got in touch with the HSE to discuss their last few years working with Tascomi and discover what their particular highlights of collaboration have been.

    One of the real highlights for HSE has been the ability to have a single system reporting tool stemming from a single data source. The reporting facility has allowed officers to create complex reports and drill deeper into their data; all in their own time. Tascomi has the scalability factor as the executive has over 600 users with a total of zero hours in downtime.  These are fantastic statistics for us to hear. It is hard to quantify such a large scale project, but the savings made on server maintenance and local ICT support did not go unmentionned. With Tascomi being a national system there are also benefits of users changing to other areas of the organisation, they generally don't need restraining and can log on from their new location as normal.

    We are delighted with the very positive comments from HSE and look forward to catching up with them again in early 2018 to see how they are progressing with mobile working and online licensing applications.

    This is what Deirdre Lavin Principal Environmental Health Officer (Chair National EHIS Operational Unit) had to say, "Tascomi have worked with the Environmental Health Service to develop the Environmental Health Information System a single data entry and storage system. The system assists data driven decision making; ensuring resources are prioritised. Corporate responsibilities are mel in relation to reporting on KPI's and Service Contract requirements in a seamless/consistent and timely manner. Tascomi have provided innovate solutions to the digitisation of workflow processes. Customer care is to the fore of all that Tascomi do."

    Find out more about Tascomi Public Protection.

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