Export Technologies, based at Catalyst Inc, lands deal with Belleek

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  • Export Technologies, based in Belfast’s Catalyst Inc has landed a major deal to provide a new e-commerce site for one of Ireland’s most iconic giftware and tableware brands, Belleek.

    With a joint investment of around £200,000 over the next two years, the deal will see Belleek use Export’s bespoke e-commerce platform, the IRP, along with its digital marketing consultancy services – both of which are hoped will significantly increase sales to the lucrative US market.

    The new site, Belleek.com will now carry a range of additional brands such as Galway Crystal, Galway Living, Aynsley China and Belleek Living Jewellery.  Belleek’s Classic and Living product ranges will still feature heavily, but it is thought that the new Crystal ranges will have a big impact on online sales.

    Raymond Wallace, e-commerce manager for Belleek said: “Although we went online in 2012, we didn’t fully capitalise on the marketing channels available to increase international sales. We still have a strong presence in Ireland & the UK, but to grow the business, we needed to invest. Working with the IRP’s country specific messaging and Export’s digital marketing support, we are now in a much better position to target international shoppers.

    This is an exciting year for us as we celebrate our 160th year in business and investing in infrastructure and product ranges will definitely increase our customer base both domestically and internationally.

    Export Technologies has worked with some of the most profitable online companies in the UK and Ireland and through its e-commerce platform, the IRP has transacted more than £1 billion in online sales for retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

    Chris McEldowney, VP of Client Operations for Export Technologies said: “We specialise in optimising e-commerce sites to trade internationally, and this, along with our ability to use specific marketing channels to highlight Belleek’s attractive product ranges, gives us confidence that we can increase sales. Having the right product, technology and strategy is key to long-term success and Belleek has all these elements and more.”

    Pictured are: Karen McMinnis (centre) from Export Technologies with Raymond Wallace (right) and Emer Gormley from Belleek's e-commerce team

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