Happy St. Patrick's (Mobile) Day

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  • Today we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Irishness around the world, which has turned into a big global business. It would be interesting to see what the Saint himself would think of all the mobile services and devices we now use, and recent popular technologies like Virtual Reality.

    Assuming he'd embrace them all, he would plot his return to Ireland from slavery in a totally different way, mapping out his travels throughout the island first with a VR headset and an app designed by CloudRupture, then download the circuit on his smartphone, where he would already have themed wallpapers with shamrocks, rainbows and pots of gold, as can be found on the major app stores.

    He would certainly use Instagram to engage with his followers, as this was the fastest-growing messaging app in 2016, posting selfies and videos from the four corners of Ireland. Fieldmotion would allow him to remind his assistants of their daily ToDos, like prayers and the next towns to visit, while he’d convert pagans swiftly with a dedicated quiz app, built on the Quizfortune platform.

    To re-engage with all those who downloaded his app, he’d use the Hurree app marketing platform and rely on his Fitbit to keep count of his steps, relaxing in playing the BitRun game from AppAttic, which uses Fitbit® activity data to create a personalized ‘running’ game. Each day, the level St. Patrick plays would be unique and personal, based on his previous day’s activity.

    He would also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in sharing with his followers craft ale made with a Brewbot home brewing kit using the eponymous iPhone app, taking selfies with Sensum’s Emocam app, to add to the photos the level of ambient happiness, and he’d leverage the AppBuilder platform to build his own app to share his thoughts and speeches from one digital place.

    Coming back to Ireland 1,556 years after he departed, he’d be surprised to see how many mobile-based businesses have flourished in the North alone, and he would surely recommend to anyone who want to start an app business, or create better apps and mobile sites in their current job, to register for the Mobile Academy Belfast, which will run between 10th May and 14th June 2017 at Ulster University in Belfast. There’s full information about syllabus, tutors, and feedback from last year’s participants at www.MobileAcademyBelfast.org (the early bird rate runs until 31st March and offers 20% off the normal rate).

    (photo credit: Google Play app store, 17/03/17)

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