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  • A look back on the biggest things that happened this week throughout the history of tech.

    First Long Distance Telephone Call Made

    12 February, 1877

    On this date, Scientist and Inventor, Alexander Graham Bell made the first long distance telephone call between Boston and Salem, Massachusetts.

    One of the first Projector Patented

    13 February, 1895

    The Lumiere brothers, Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean patent their cinematograph, one of the earliest motion picture projectors. The cinématographe , was one of the first “all-in-one” devices, overtaking  HP by about 100 years, serving  as a film camera and developer.

    IBM is born

    14 February, 1924

    The Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation is officially renamed as International Business Machines, or most commonly known as IBM.

    YouTube is launched

    15 February, 2005

    13 years ago, the video sharing site, YouTube, is launched.  Prior to YouTube days, few web sites had such an immediate impact on people’s usage of the Internet. Google paid $1.65 billion dollars to purchase YouTube just less than 2 years after its launch.  Nowadays, Facebook, Google, and Gmail are among the most visited web sites in the world along with YouTube 

    911 Begins Service

    16 February, 1968

    The first 911 emergency telephone systems began service in Haleyville, Alabama.

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