Three ways to embrace the brave new world of ‘digital add-ons’

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  • Digitalisation is revolutionising the way we work and interact with each other and is even influencing the type of goods and services organisations sell.

    Digital add-ons such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, speech recognition, natural language understanding and machine learning are no longer science fiction and have a powerful role to play in this brave new world.

    Today, digital add-ons are used primarily in the back office to capture, analyze, cross-reference and share data to help enhance the customer service experience. Automation is transforming manpower by performing simple, common tasks leaving highly skilled, experienced human agents to handle the more complex, sensitive or emotive issues.

    Want to understand how to use or introduce your own digital add-ons? Here’s some practical ways to digitalise customer interactions.

    1. Step up your digital culture

    Digital transformation in the world of work is having a profound impact on HR departments which are increasingly forced to reevaluate their existing human capital and talent as well as revise the skill-sets required of new employees coming into the organization to support the business. Take a close look at your team’s makeup and strengths. Leaders should be forward-thinking and have a transformative vision whilst employees need to up their game in terms of technical literacy and strategic thinking. Both leaders and employees need to be highly adaptable or ‘change-oriented’.


    2. Reassess your technology

    Once you have the right culture in place, then it’s time to innovate and find the right technology. Stay ahead of the curve by deploying digitalised technologies such as chatbots, voice analytics and video chat. Chatbots - computer programs that mimic conversations with people using artificial intelligence – are transforming the way people interact and are an important part of today’s multichannel contact centre environment. Combine them with the latest Workforce Management (WFM) solutions to make direct consumer-to-business connection easier; achieve unprecedented customer reach (1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger alone every month ) and deliver a fast, streamlined, personalized customer experience.


    3. The right solution is out there

    There are many solutions appearing in the market that claim to digitalise the customer experience, and which is best most often depends on who is using it. Here are four interesting companies offering support for your contact centre’s digital transformation:


    • Facebook Spaces – part of the giant’s corporate plans to take virtual reality (VR) mainstream, Spaces is a new VR application that enables this social media giant’s 1.3 billion users to hang out with friends as if they were in the same room. Similarly, Facebook Spaces could easily be deployed in the contact centre as part of an integrated WFM solution to build highly interactive customer interactions that boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Lucky Orange – encourages users to take a peek behind the digital curtain to see how visitors use their website and then help turn them into customers and clients. The company’s complete ‘conversion optimization’ package includes a real-time digital dashboard, daily email insights, dynamic heat-maps, live visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analytics, feedback polls and interactive chat.
    • Digital Genius - aims to combine the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver on increasing customer expectations. The technology allows machines to do what they do best unlocking valuable time for human agents to create superior experiences for customers across multiple channels.
    • Reevoo – helps to turn customers into your best salespeople. Ratings and reviews from customers keen to share their views can help boost SEO ratings and insights contained in reviews provide valuable information for product development, customer service and marketing plans.


    By fostering the right cultural change and deploying the right technology, digital add-ons are a powerful weapon for competitive advantage. Make the most of new WFM innovations to blend people skills with technology and drive a successful digital transformation.

    Teleopti is a global provider of workforce management software, helping contact centres, back offices and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability. To find out more, visit TELEOPTI.COM

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