Blue skies for Atlas as Azure Cloud Service launches

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  • NI company first in UK to manage cutting edge computing platform

    Atlas Communications has become the first company in the UK and Ireland to provide a locally hosted Cloud Computing platform for private & public sector organisations.

    Based on one of the most popular cloud computing platforms, Azure, local companies now can access the power of the cloud whilst having the certainty of where their data is stored.

    The family owned company, which has been doing business here for over three decades, is aiming to take on the global tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft in a bid to ‘uncomplicate’ cloud technology by providing a close to home solution.

    CloudCompute by Atlas, provides the familiar interface of Microsoft Azure with the purpose of building, testing, deploying, and managing applications to improve business capabilities.

    Richard Simpson, Managing Director of Atlas, unveiled the new CloudCompute service on Friday 17 November at a launch event in the Titanic Quarter.

    “Renting rather than buying computing power makes a lot of sense, but the way these services are provided currently has some notable flaws for businesses. The Cloud’s great advantage is that your data is accessible anywhere, but the great downside is that your data could be anywhere,” said Richard.

    Guests at a special preview demonstration at Titanic Hotel heard how the aim of CloudCompute is to bring all the advantages but to add predictability, both in terms of fixed pricing and in how and where your data is stored.

    “Business continuity is assured under the Atlas Cloud Protect suite of options,” Richard continued.  “As well as our ability to offer more options to connect to the Cloud, helping to reduce long migration headaches.”

    Atlas, who are targeting both public and private sector organisations as well as IT re-sellers, predict that their new product offering will enable them to increase their highly skilled workforce by a third over the next couple of years.

    To find out more, book a ‘CloudCompute – close to home’ overview by contacting the Atlas team on 028 9078 6868.

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