Elemental Software set to launch new social prescribing measuring tool

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  • Tech for good company, Elemental Software, is to launch a new aspect of its social prescribing digital platform to improve the way social prescribing activity is measured and reported, at the King’s Fund’s Social Prescribing Conference this week.

    Elemental Software’s unique digital technology enables health and social care professionals to refer patients to health and wellbeing activities in their areas and track and monitor their progress through a wide range of different measures.

    The new aspect of the service will significantly improve the way social prescribing activity can be measured, tackling one of the key challenges faced by the healthcare sector in demonstrating the real impact that non-clinical treatments can bring to people’s lives.

    Jennifer Neff, Co-Founder of Elemental Software, said: “Measuring the impact of social prescribing and the difference that these sorts of programmes and services can make to improving health and wellbeing is vital to driving forward this healthcare approach in communities. We’re delighted to be launching and demonstrating Elemental’s latest innovation through our software at the King’s Fund Conference that will enable us to deliver improved reporting on the benefits of social prescribing.”

    Elemental Software launched last year by social innovators Jennifer Neff and Leeann Monk in response to work they were delivering at strategic and community level in Derry in Northern Ireland at a time when the city was regaining its confidence having won City of Culture, with a key focus on improving health and wellbeing in local communities.

    Since its launch, the company has expanded from its base in Derry into Dubai, where it is delivering a wide range of work to reduce the risk of diabetes.

    Elemental Software will be exhibiting at the King’s Fund Social Prescribing Conference on 18th May in London and launching its new enhanced reporting tool for social prescribing Link Workers.


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