Google and Huawei join forces to launch an Android-powered rival to Raspberry Pi

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  • Google, the tech company behind the Android mobile operating system, and Huawei, the world’s largest mobile telecoms manufacturer, have joined forces to create a high-spec rival to Raspberry Pi that could make life easier for millions of app developers.

    Google and Huawei have revealed the details of their upcoming HiKey 960 device, a powerful single-board computer that has been specifically designed to offer Android developers a high-end tool for building and testing smartphone and tablet apps.

    Beyond Android, the HiKey 960 will also support other versions of the Linux open source operating system, and will come with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage – in line with many of the Chromebooks currently available.

    The single-board computer is based on Huawei’s mobile System-on-a-Chip processors, and uses the same CPU as the Huawei Mate 9 smartphone. It also features an integrated video processor, WiFi connectivity and an HDMI port.

    While the HiKey 960 is aimed squarely at Android developers, the single-board computer can also be used to develop Internet of Things devices, drones, sensors and robots...meaning the HiKey 960 could steal some market share from Raspberry Pi in some of that device’s key use-cases.

    The new device will be available to order some time in May, but at a price considerably higher than the Raspberry Pi: UK pricing hasn’t been released yet, but the HiKey 960 will cost $239 in the US, compared with the Rasperry Pi 3 which currently costs just $35.

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