You can now pre-order a flying car….but it comes with a very hefty price tag

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  • AeroMobil, a startup that is working to make flying cars a reality, has confirmed that it is ready to begin taking pre-orders for the limited first edition of its new hybrid flying vehicle.

    The AeroMobil vehicle will be able to transform from car mode to flight mode in less than 3 minutes, and will offer a flight range of 466 miles operating at 75 per cent of its maximum flight speed, which will clock in at 224mph.

    On the ground the vehicle will have a driving range of 434 miles, with a maximum speed of 100 mph.

    When it comes to safety, the new flying car will feature airbags that are designed to deploy in either a land-based incident or an airborne one, and the craft will also have a parachute for emergency landings, enabling both it and the pilot to float safely back to Earth.

    On that note, since the AeroMobil will be driven while on the ground and piloted while in the air, the owner will require both a driving licence and a pilot licence.

    Two other things the future owner will need: a lot of disposable income, and quite a lot of patience. The AeroMobil comes with a price tag of between €1.2 million and €1.5 million, and although the startup is now in a position to begin taking pre-orders, it isn’t planning to begin shipping its new flying cars until some time in 2020.

    AeroMobil is based in the EU (Slovakia, to be precise), and the startup’s flying vehicles will initially only be certified to operate in Europe. The company’s limited first edition will also be very limited indeed – only 500 first edition flying cars are expected to be produced.

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