Innovate UK has £15 million up for grabs for businesses working on emerging & enabling technologies

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  • The UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, has launched the second round of its funding competition for emerging & enabling technologies, with funding of £15 million up for grabs for innovation projects that could lead to the development of the products and services of the future.

    Applicants working on an emerging technology proposal should be able to demonstrate how it offers a step change in performance and brings a totally new technology sector to market. Emerging technologies are classed as technological innovations that are emerging (or have only recently emerged) from science, including:

    • quantum technologies
    • synthetic biology
    • non-animal technologies
    • biofilms
    • energy harvesting
    • graphene
    • new imaging technologies

    Enabling technologies, on the other hand, are technological innovations that enable existing industries to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency; technologies like:

    The overall aim of the emerging & enabling technologies competition is to help UK businesses broaden their innovation activities, disrupt existing markets and find new revenue sources. The winning projects are expected to last from 6 months to 3 years, and range in size from total project costs of £35,000 to £2 million.

    Funding can be awarded to projects led by a UK-based business of any size, but at least one UK-based SME must be part of the proposal.

    More information about the eligibility requirements, as well as details on how to apply for the emerging & enabling technologies competition, are available on the Innovate UK website.

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