Google’s AI-powered speaker is coming to the UK

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  • We’re only three months in and it’s already beginning to look like 2017 could be the year artificial intelligence becomes ubiquitous in the UK.

    We recently revealed that Amazon’s voice-controlled artificial intelligence technology, Amazon Alexa, is coming to a TV near the smart speaker that’s powered by Amazon Alexa, the Echo, looks set to get a Google-shaped AI competitor in the UK, too.

    Google Home, the voice-controlled smart speaker that features an AI-powered virtual personal assistant, first launched in the USA last year, but it’s still unavailable in the UK. But not for long.

    During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last Month Google told the BBC that its Google Home device would launch in the UK sometime before June. However, it’s looking likely the smart speaker will launch sooner rather than later, with reports indicating that Google has invited members of the press to attend a launch event on 28th March where they will get to "meet the newest members of our family".

    Much like Amazon’s Echo, the Google Home speaker uses artificial intelligence to learn about the user and get to know their preferences over time. Google’s speaker is expected to retail for around £120 in the UK, while the Amazon Echo currently costs £149.

    However, Amazon also sells a smaller device for £49 (the Echo Dot), and the wording of Google’s launch invitation suggests the search engine may be set to introduce a smaller, cheaper model too. Watch this space.

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