Augmented Reality app downloads forecast to top 2.3 billion within the next five years

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  • The hype around Pokémon GO may have been rather short lived, but it has made it clear that tech-savvy web users have an appetite for immersive technologies, including augmented reality.

    In fact, a new report from Juniper Research forecasts that the augmented reality market will truly take off within the next five years, with AR expected to account for 2.3 billion app downloads by 2021 - a 380% increase from the current 482 million app downloads.

    While most of the current augmented reality applications focus on gaming and entertainment, Juniper Research believes AR technologies are ready to move into a range of other industries, which will help drive the growth of the augmented reality market. “The current crop of AR offerings is a taste of its future. Soon, the technology will be commonplace in fields such as medicine, manufacturing and training”, according to the report’s author, Sam Barker.

    The growth of the augmented reality market is also expected to gain support from the launch of dedicated AR devices, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, which will add a new dimension to the current AR sector, which is still largely smartphone-based at present.

    The consumer edition of Microsoft’s HoloLens is likely to be available some time in 2017, while Google’s Daydream will be available even sooner, going on sale as early as next month.

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