£850,000 Investment In Titan IC Will Drive Global Sales

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  • Titan IC Systems, a technology spin-out in cybersecurity from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), has just completed a £850,000 investment round from Belfast based investors techstartNI  and Co-FundNI which is managed by Clarendon Fund Managers.  The investment will help to drive the company’s international sales particularly in the strategically important US market.

    QUBIS, QUB’s technology startup company, also added to its existing investment Titan, in addition, the company welcomed new investment from industry-veteran Angels investors.

    Based at the Innovation Centre in Titanic Quarter, Titan IC Systems, a global industry leader in cybersecurity systems, recently opened an office in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.

    The company also launched next generation technology, Hyperion, to identify and manage threats to high volume, high speed digital data at a major technology showcase in San Francisco.

    Godfrey Gaston, CEO of Titan IC, commenting on the latest financial backing for its leading-edge technology, said: "This investment allows the company to grow our business and product development, with a particular focus on international markets and represents an exciting time in the company’s growth especially in the US, a target market for us and one we are addressing through our new base in California".

    Dr Sandy McKinnon, Partner with techstartNI, added: “Securing the content of the internet is becoming harder and harder. Titan IC’s core capability of being able to analyse digital content at rates that are orders of magnitude faster than any of their competition gives their security customers a huge competitive advantage in their next generation firewalls and similar systems.”

    Titan IC’s pioneering Hyperion system offers unrivalled at-speed, in-depth, hardware accelerated content inspection.

    The technology addresses the most difficult, bi-directional security challenges for Next Generation Firewalls, Malware/APT detection, DDoS Mitigation, Application Delivery Controllers, Document Exfiltration Filters and Terabyte Forensics.

    Titan IC Systems Limited
    Titan IC Systems is based in the CSIT building in Titanic Quarter Belfast.  The company was formed in 2007 as a spin-out of cutting-edge research in silicon technology for faster and safer internet data processing in Queen’s University’s globally ranked Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology Centre (ECIT) by Dr Gaston and other members of the research team, Professor Sakir Sezer and Dr Dwayne Burns.

    techstartNI and Co-FundNI
    Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, techstartNI and Co-FundNI are equity investment funds established by Invest Northern Ireland (www.investni.com) as part of its Access to Finance suite of funding.  They are both part-financed through the European Regional Development Funds.

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