Event Recap: Flacknite

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  • In April, Farset Labs launched in Belfast, making it Northern Ireland's first hackerspace. Just a month on, and they are settling into their flagship event; Flacknite, where creative technologists of all kinds come together to share experience, knowledge, and passion for their craft, creating a pressure cooker of ideas and projects, developed and often finished within the very concentrated timeframe.

    During their launch event over the weekend of the 19th of May, a wide variety of innovative projects were worked upon, including a game developed by Ryan Grieve in 64x18 pixels for an international competition, a native OSX administration application for MondoDB by Rob Elkin and Pete Hawkins, a Coffee Tracker application by local developer Steve Wilkin, the establishment of a solid web presence by Andrew Luke, a comic artist whose work includes the recent epillepsy awareness booklet, The Absence, and several more.

    Beyond the work done by the local Farset Labs membership and friends, the Farset Labs team were very busy working on their RFID based access control system, that will allow members near-24/7 secure access to the space, as well as the associated CCTV and security systems. Catering was kindly provided by the Crafty Devil and Planzai teams, who sponsored a Boojum run (and a beer run) that kept people going through the day.


    The major flavour of the Flacknite blend is the idea of intensive but playful productivity; individuals and groups are socially encouraged to have something to show for their time at the end of the event. This, combined with a healthy spirit of constructive criticism, freedom of comment, dynamic collaboration, and the unique venue at Farset Labs, ensure that this event will become a mainstay of the Northern Ireland technology calendar.

    Sync NI Summer Magazine 2012

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