8 Ways To Ascertain Your Company’s Competitiveness

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  • By Bob Barbour, Director & Chief Executive at the Centre for Competitiveness

    Technology is changing the world, and this will have a big impact on peoples’ lives and businesses.

    As we leave the European Union towards an uncertain economic future, Northern Ireland businesses must not lose focus in their ability to be as competitive as any in the emerging competitive marketplace.

    These 8 self-examination questions provides leaders with the key ingredients for success and give a high level view of what has been described by the EU Commission, business leaders academia as the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence.

    Test yourself - the future of your business depends on how competitive you really are. The questions below form the basis for an organisational self-examination of Competitiveness. Recognized globally as the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, these concepts represent a Quick Check by which a management team can measure their operational and strategic areas of performance. For the best internal benchmark, these critical success factors should be scored independently by up to 4 people placing an X in the box reflecting their views.

    An agreed score should determine the potential areas for improvement. www.cforc.org

    Score profile: 1= poor 10 = excellent.
    Fill out my online form.
    Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

    : We will review your final score and email you the result. A continuous improvement action plan can then be put in place for those areas where improvements are most needed.

    For assistance, contact Bob Barbour at the Centre on 02890737950 or email: bob.barbour@cforc.org

    *The Centre is a not for profit, independent, membership organisation established by the private sector to actively support organisations through leadership, innovation, productivity improvement and quality excellence.

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