Cycling tech firm See.Sense to tackle cycling safety in Belfast

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  • See.Sense, a Northern Ireland cycling technology and data firm, is teaming up with Belfast city bikes in an effort to help improve cycling safety around Belfast.

    In a world first, devices will be fitted to crowdsource sensor data from the Belfast city bikes.

    The devices, developed by Newtownards based See.Sense, use advanced sensor technology to gather crowdsourced data on road surface conditions, accident and near-miss events, as well as route activity in real-time.

    Anonymous data is then communicated over a LoRaWAN network, and advanced data analytics applied to generate insights for the city. The trial will run for one year, with regular reporting throughout.

    Philip McAleese, CEO of See.Sense says, “The benefit of the technology from the cyclist viewpoint is that they do not need to fuss with apps or other devices to contribute data to their city - they simply hop on the city bike and ride in the knowledge that they are helping their city with their anonymised data from the crowd”.

    The trial is a R&D collaboration between See.Sense, Belfast City Council, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Bristol and BT.

    Last month, See.Sense revealed its partnership with a team of data analytics experts from Queen’s University Belfast, to further boost developments in its advanced cycling technology.

    Irene McAleese, Co-founder of See.Sense added, ‘there’s currently a real lack of meaningful data in cycling, so our aim with this pilot is to provide useful data to reduce those barriers to cycling, particularly around safety. Better data will also help to make cycling more visible to politicians, and by helping to connect cycling we allow cities to take adaptive, data-driven real-time decisions, which will help integrate cycling into future mobility solutions for the city’.

    With the prediction that there will be 350,000 shared bicycles in operation in Europe by 2025, there is obviously huge potential for the company following a successful pilot.

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