Online payments firm Stripe launches in six more European countries

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  • Stripe, the online payment technology firm has launched in six more European countries.

    The online payment company, which was founded by Irish entrepreneurs John and Patrick Collison, currently operates in over 25 countries, and enables both private individuals and businesses to accept online payments.

    The six new European countries that can now use Stripe's technology to process online and mobile payments are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

    Companies operating in these countries have been quick to use Stripe's payment technology, and among the earlier adopters are German startups Jimbo and Croove, and Dutch technology company WeTransfer.

    The US headquartered company publicly launched in 2011, and quickly took Silicon Valley by storm. In May 2011 it received a $2 million investment from huge names in venture capital, and in 2014 Stripe began supporting bitcoin transactions.

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