First Derivatives to hire 400 graduates this year

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  • First Derivatives, a global technology company headquartered in Newry, County Down, has revealed its plan to recruit 400 new graduates this year, which will represent the largest ever graduate intake by any company on the island of Ireland.

    The company hired 300 new graduates last year, but is ramping up its graduate programme as it continues to grow at an impressive rate. Seamus Keating, Chairman of First Derivatives, commented: “Our increasing scale is leading to larger and longer-term managed services and consulting engagements and we are confident this trend will continue as we develop our service capabilities.”

    In addition to its headquarters in Newry and offices in Dublin, First Derivatives is continuing to grow its global presence, and now has teams based in London, Stockholm and Philadelphia. The company currently employs around 1,750 people worldwide.

    Founded in Newry in 1996, First Derivatives began by developing fintech solutions for the banking sector, and now counts 19 of the 20 largest global investment banks as customers.

    In recent years, though, the company has also begun diversifying beyond banking and financial services into a wide range of other industries, with its data management and analytics solutions enjoying growing demand from businesses in the energy, engineering, defense, pharmaceutical, digital marketing and utilities sectors. 

    The company’s Kx technology is a big data management solution that can handle immeasurably vast quantities of unstructured and widely dispersed datasets, analyse that data and extract commercial value from it – making it invaluable for any company that generates or process large amounts of data.

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