Uber suspends self-driving car service after accident

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  • Uber has confirmed that it has suspended its self-driving car operations after one of its vehicles was involved in a traffic accident in Arizona. The accident in the US, is the latest in a string of recent incidents at the company.

    The accident left one of the Uber's autonomous cars, which had a driver behind the wheel, on its side, but fortunately there was no serious injuries.

    Uber, which began operating in Belfast in 2015, confirmed the reports, after a picture of the appeared online showing the accident. The image showed one of Uber’s Volvo self-driving vehicles on its side next to another car with smashed windows and dents.
    According to a local report, the Uber vehicle was not responsible for the accident. The other vechile involved failed to stop, causing Uber's autonomous vehicle onto its side.

    Since launching, Uber's self-driving car program has been mired in controversy. The company first launched its self-driving car services in Pittsburgh last year, to select customers. The vehicles put into operation came equipped with 20 cameras, seven lasers, GPS, and radar equipment that enabled the car to create a three-dimensional map utilizing landmarks and other contextual information to keep track of its position.

    After initial success in Pittsburgh Uber began using self-driving Volvo SUVs in San Francisco. However, after a week of operating the California Department of Motor Vehicles revoked the registration of the 16 vehicles Uber was using for the test and forced the program to cease operations in California.

    Uber has said that it is looking into the incident and will conduct a full investigation.

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