Google and Levi collaborate to release the world’s first 'smart jacket'

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  • The popularity of wearable technology has increased immensely in recent years with innovations and developments in smart watches and activity trackers and just when we thought we had seen it all, the industry has taken a new twist, with the launch of 'Project Jacquard'.

    A collaboration between Google and Levi, ‘Project Jacquard’ is a denim jacket with high-tech conductive fabric woven into the garment. Discussions about working on the project initially tool place two years ago and it's great to finally see that they have moved into development.

    The garment structure combines natural fabrics with thin electronic circuits, and is manufactured using standard production methods. It is expected that the integration of fabric and technology is something we can expect to see more of in the future.

    The jacket will open up a wide range of possible uses of the technology such as enabling you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. With a button-sized touch sensitive tab, the user simply brushes or taps the cuff on the move to connect to their device and with a quick tap you can answer or decline incoming calls, change music or interact with navigation features via GPS. For those too busy to dig their phone out of their pocket this could be a great application of the technology.

    It has been announced that the jacket is expected to retail for around $350 dollars this autumn. The jacket comes with an app that allows you to customise the functions of the 5 embedded gestures.

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