Irish tech firms merge to create new €50m IT services company

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  • Two Irish technology companies, Agile Networks and PlanNet21 Communications are to join forces to create one of Ireland's largest IT managed services companies.

    The combination of Agile Networks, one of Ireland's leading network integrators and PlanNet21 Communications, a leading provider of managed services delivering advanced technologies, will result in the employment of 110 people with over 60pc in technical engineering roles.

    The merger will enable the new businesses to offer customers an end-to-end portfolio of solutions including networks, wireless services, security, server storage and unified communications.

    Both businesses intend to use the new alliance to pursue significant business opportunities, but additionally retain their existing individual brands to support and grow their own customer base.

    “The alliance brings together some of the best architectural and technical talent in the country and couples it with accreditations from all the leading technology vendors worldwide, thus allowing us to deliver solutions for any business requirement.” said Peter Carrol, CEO of PlanNet 21 Communications. 

    “We are delighted to be joining with PlanNet21 Communications. It provides us with the best of both worlds. We retain our identity and will continue to work with our existing customers, but it also allows us to collaborate and pursue major IT opportunities at home and abroad. This is a very exciting developing for the entire Agile Networks team.” said Darragh Richardson, Agile Networks Managing Director.

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