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Belfast, Northern Ireland

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2021-09-29 23:00:00


Lead Research Developer - Research and Engineering

  • Job description

    Our Operate business helps organisations transform and run complex operational processes that often create challenges and hinder their progress. Harnessing the power of tech and data to drive performance, Operate brings together innovative minds with a distinctive mix of subject matter knowledge and operational skills to deliver results that make the difference. We work with some of the most recognisable organisations worldwide in delivering large scale operational programmes and managed solutions.  Underpinning all of this is our commitment to ensuring our people are equipped with tomorrow's skills to drive success for our clients today.  


    The Role


    We’ve invested £40m into the creation of our Advanced Research and Engineering Centre in Belfast, part funded by Invest NI. We’re creating a team of engineers and technologists who’ll work within a bigger innovation ecosystem, including government, University academia and business, to help our clients take giant leaps, rather than incremental steps.


    This role sits within our Advanced Research and Engineering Centre, based in Belfast, delivering pivotal breakthroughs to uncover the next generation of operational technology. As part of a team of innovative thinkers, you’ll work together to design solutions that will define the next decade and beyond.


    As Lead Research Developer, responsibilities will include;


    Working in our new Advanced Research and Development Centre, the nature of your work will be at the early stages of development and you'll transition between many projects which we expect to be measured in weeks and months not years.


    You'll have an entrepreneurial mindset and will work on developing and iterating on early stage products to find product market fit.

    • Overseeing a team of junior developers, supporting their growth and development.

    • Focusing on rapid prototyping of solutions to business problems to help bridge the gap between business vision and technical reality.

    • Working in small agile teams on typically short term green field projects to put proof of concept systems in the hands of business users. You’ll gain feedback and assess the potential for an enterprise ready solution in that space.

    • Working across the technology stack, making use of libraries, frameworks and build tools allowing you to focus on developing unique and value adding business cases.

    • Working closely with research specialists to bring their learnings and innovation to the fore in any solution.

    • Work iteratively, taking feedback on board and using that to enhance and develop solutions.

    • Applying your depth of knowledge and expertise to all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

    • Partnering continuously with your many stakeholders on a daily basis to stay focused on common goals.

    • Leading on the understanding of business problems and implementing demonstrable concept systems created from research or business analysis based solutions.

    • Prioritising time management and ensuring use the constraints of time to prioritise the core elements of any concept system.  

    • Developing software products normally targeting the Cloud including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

    • Adopting Agile methods, working within a Scrum team. 

    • Identifying appropriate technology and approaches.

    • Clearly and regularly communicating with your colleagues and management.

    • Testing your code and contributing to reviewing the code of others.

    • Contributing to the developer community. 

    • Continuing your learning and development utilising the latest technologies.


    Skills and experience

    • Previous experience as a Principal or Lead Developer.

    • Experience with Java, Python, C#. JavaScript or similar programming languages in a agile software development environment.

    • Experience in designing, testing and maintaining applications.

    • Experience using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery  techniques (CI/CD).

    • Experience of debugging and troubleshooting applications.

    • Experience of writing APIs and of data storage technologies.

    • Experience of Front End technologies.

    • Experience of cloud platforms (GCP/AWS/Azure).

    • Understanding of SaaS applications and their component parts.


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