Job Details


Belfast, Northern Ireland


5 + years


Apr 4, 2017

Closing Date

Mar 15, 2018


Senior QA Engineer (Blockchain)


    We are looking for a passionate Senior QA engineer who can talk to us about real world problems that they have solved.  You should be able to demonstrate an interest in new and emerging technologies and be eager to take on new challenges.  You need to be able to work in a collaborative manner with colleagues across multiple office locations on different time zones.

    We need a Senior QA Engineer who has both breadth and depth of knowledge, taking responsibility for test strategy and execution as well as coordinating the activities of other QA engineers in remote teams.   The successful candidate will have developed a knack for discovering corner cases as well as potentially risky code. They will take satisfaction from discovering problems with the design, long before it becomes an issue for the users.


    - 5+ years QA experience (previous Test Lead experience would be an advantage)
    - Proficiency in one or more scripting languages
    - Experience of test automation using a variety of tools
    - Hands on experience of managing multiple test environments
    - Prior experience of working with high availability, secure enterprise platforms in the financial services sector would be an advantage
    - Knowledge of planning, bug tracking & collaboration tools is essential
    - Working knowledge of testing the following:
    - RESTful APIs & SDKs
    - API Gateways (e.g. Kong)
    - Micro-service based architectures
    - Cloud based systems (i.e. deploying and running in AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Google Compute Environment, etc.)
    non-functional requirements (performance, security, failover etc.)

    We are not expecting candidates to have much direct experience of working on blockchain or distributed ledger projects, but we would most definitely expect them to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of blockchain fundamentals and have an appreciation for the opportunities and challenges for the technology.


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