Webinar 1 - 22nd September: 'Industrial Sector-Coupling using a Connected eH2 cycle

Draft Agenda

10:00 BST: Introduction, Paul McCormack, Innovation Manager, Belfast Metropolitan College

10:05 BST: "Hydrogen Model Region - Federal State of Saarland”, Nicola Sacca, Federal State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Energy and Transport, Saarland, Germany

10:15 BST: "GenComm Solar-Powered Hydrogen Refuelling Station”, Dr Bodo Groß, IZES gGmbH, Germany

10:25 BST: "Industrial Sector-Coupling using a Connected eH2-Cycle", Dr Frank Kruchten, Robert BOSCH GmbH, Germany

10:40 BST: "Hydrogen Scale-Up: Where, When & How", Dr James Carton, Chair of Hydrogen Ireland & Asst Professor of Energy Sustainability & Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Development, Dublin City University

10:50 BST: Q&A

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