When and Where

  • Belfast, Northern Ireland - Get Directions
  • Apr 17, 2019 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Software Testing Clinic Belfast - Taking Testing Notes

Our sixth installment of the Software Testing Clinic Belfast focuses on designing tests. You don't need to have attended a previous session to be able to attend.

By the end of the session students will be able to:

* Name at least 6 different approaches to note-taking
* Explain why note-taking in testing is important
* Apply different note-taking approaches to different testing scenarios
* Evaluate the pros and cons of note-taking approaches when testing ideas and testing products

Students will be recommended to view the following videos:

* Note taking -
* Diagrams -
* Exploratory testing -
* Heuristics -

Thanks to our sponsors for this event - Deloitte who will be providing food and beverages on the night.

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