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  • Dec 10, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

"She Rocks!" Awards - WWCode Belfast in conjunction with Puppet


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And here at WWCode Belfast and Puppet, we thought it would be a great chance to get together, have some food, drinks, catch-ups, and a 2018 Women Who Code Belfast Awards Ceremony!!!!

So what are the WWCode Belfast "She Rocks" awards? They're a chance to recognise someone awesome you know within the Belfast community. Please note, awards can only be won by those who identify as female, but anyone can nominate an awesome female!

This is simply about recognising some of the great work being done by women in our code communities - which is where you come in! Does your nominee fit into any of these categories...?

- Youth Advocate Star
The Youth Advocate Star is for the creative, patient and inspiring women who volunteer their time actively engaging a youth audience in our local community. They might volunteer at events such as technical fairs or youth hackathons. Maybe they organise classroom activities with schools, judge local competitions or act as STEM ambassadors. Youth outreach is incredibly important to us and the tech community in Northern Ireland. Show your appreciation by nominating those who are working to ensure our tech community thrives for generations to come!

- Community Star
This Community Star award is for individuals who contribute to the tech community and go above and beyond. Whether they assist others further from our immediate tech community or even contribute to the open source community. It’s for the individuals who encourage all the women to thrive around them. They are the helping guides, signposting and steering people towards realising previously unknown tech ambitions and potential. This is a star who shines across even a dark sky!

- Diversity Advocate Star
This award is for the women who realise the incredible power of community. They are dedicated to addressing the gender imbalance and promoting equality in tech through a range of initiatives that champion fairness, inclusivity and diversity for a sustainable tech future. They bring their passion for technology to drive tech accessibility, making sure that people from all walks of life have the power to make, use and drive twenty first century technology.

- Engineering Leadership Star
The Engineering Leadership Star is for the women who have been team leaders or great mentors to us. They bring out the best in you and always have your back. They encourage you to keep learning and improving, but are also there when you need their support. This award is for the great leaders who don’t only ensure that engineering projects are delivered and meeting targets, but also make the team work well together.

- Rising Tech Star
This award is for the women who have recently started their journey in the tech community. Whether they are fresh-faced university graduates, returners to work, or those who switched into IT; the individuals changing the face of the tech industry, and always for the better. Despite being new in tech, they bring their knowledge, experiences and perspectives into their role in delivering high quality work. This award is for those who went above and beyond, and have the potential to become future inspirational leader in the tech industry.

To nominate someone for one of these amazing awards follow this link:

Our She Rocks Awards night will be held at Puppet on Monday the 10th of December - Everyone is welcome! There will be lots of food and drinks available, as well as a huge amount of applauds, kindly provided by Puppet. We look forward to seeing you and can’t wait to celebrate our WWCode She Rocks Stars with you all!

Merry Christmaaas!

(Women Who Code blog post can be found here:

P.S: Dress code is come as you are! Show off you and only you :)