React Study Group (beginner friendly) - 1/2

We're back for part 2 of 3 of the React study group series. If you missed the first part, you can still access the resources we used for ES6 here: (free sign up).

If you have no prior JavaScript experience, please feel free to join this event as you can follow the Intro to JavaScript exercises instead:

Please see below for full event and joining details:

To join the session:
We will not be using Zoom, the session will be held via Slack. If you're new to Coffee&Code, please join the Slack group in this event's link field (visible when you RSVP).

This week's session is focusing on an Introduction to React. We will be following the (free) intro to React exercises within this tutorial app:

Optional: If you have time before Saturday, the following React 'crash course' video is a good overview of React fundamentals:

A reminder that this is not a workshop or a taught session, it's a study group where we will help each other out where possible. Generally, there will be more experienced people around to help complete beginners with any questions. We all began with zero knowledge!

Above all, it's a time to set aside and learn without any deadlines or pressure, with a supportive bunch of people.

Before attending, please ensure you have read our Code of Conduct:

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