Manufacturing and Supply Chain Online Conference & Exhibition

The manufacturing and supply chain sector and is experiencing a once in 100 year event that will have implications long after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. This online event will bring together all of the key stakeholders from industry, Government & academia to form a narrative and a platform to pivot to the new normal.

The Pandemic’s Short-Term Effects on Manufacturers

The COVID-19 pandemic hit manufacturers in an unexpected and unprecedented way. For the first time in modern manufacturing history, demand, supply and workforce availability are affected globally at the same time.

Some companies that provide and deliver vital goods like personal care, paper and pharmaceutical are struggling to meet demand driven by panic buying. Others are experiencing dramatic drops in demand and extreme pressure to cut operational costs.Every major manufacturer is now experiencing disruptions across their supply chains of parts and raw materials, driven by what may now become recurring volatility of supply from South Asia.

Social distancing and employee safety measures put an additional level of pressure on manufacturers, as 40%-50% of their workforce will be unavailable to perform their functions on-site.

While office employees and knowledge workers are able to shift to remote work as the default operating mode, most factories are simply not designed to be managed remotely and lack the digital tools and infrastructure needed to support such activities.

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