Hydrogen Safety, Analysis, Measurements & Applications

The third webinar in the GenComm hosted HAZEL Autumn webinars which takes place on Tuesday October 20 is titled: H2 Safety, analysis, measurements and applications.

The ‘Green Hydrogen enAbled Zero Emissions suppLy (HAZEL) webinar series will address the entire supply chain of Green H2 including production, sustainability, safety, application, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At this upcoming third webinar, Mr Ian Williamson, President of the European Hydrogen Association will speak on the topic of H2 Futures. He will be joined by Adele Brunetti from CNR-ITM who will speak on ‘H2 production in membrane reactors’. Dr Andreas Konrad  from Mecadi will speak on ‘H2 permeation testing and trace sensors. The other guest speaker is Mr Stephen Carr from University South Wales who will speak on ‘Hydrogen industrial applications fuelling industrial clusters and constructing the H2 Highway.’

The webinars are deliberately timed to inform the growing EU H2 evolution and to coincide with the EI H2020 Green Deal calls. An energy transition disrupts the status quo and as hydrogen emerges as a new green energy source it is leading to a structural and permanent change in supply, demand, energy mix and prices.

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