When and Where

  • Belfast, Northern Ireland - Get Directions
  • Apr 1, 2019 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

DisruptHR Belfast

Welcome to the first DisruptHR Belfast - the event for innovative and courageous HR professionals.

DisruptHR is an information exchange designed to energise, inform and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field.

DisruptHR is a night of short focused talks from professionals and thought-leaders who want to share their ideas on how we can move our thinking forward on all things related to people at work.

The Event

We have curated a line up of speakers who will be given 5 minutes each to set out their disruptive ideas - they’ll do it while 20 slides advance automatically every 15 seconds.

It’s energetic, thought-provoking, and high-impact. You aren't coming to be "Pitched" to (except for brief thanks to our sponsors). You are coming to hear innovative ideas will help your business attract, retain and develop good peaple.

The ticket price includes beverages (adult and otherwise), food, and excellent networking opportunities throughout the evening. And all of it in the historic surroundings of the Titanic Hotel.

Who is it for?

Present in 126 cities around the world, DisruptHR unites HR professionals, CEOs, technologists and community leaders who have got something to say about talent, culture or technology.

This event aims to help you navigate the pace of change in business, stay ahead of the curve in HR thinking and inspire courage to change.

Because everyone should have a positive experience at work.

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