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  • Belfast, Northern Ireland - Get Directions
  • Dec 20, 2017 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

BelfastJS - Xmas Lightning Round @ ShopKeep

The holiday season approaches and it's time for the final BelfastJS of 2017 - the by-now-traditional Xmas LIGHTNING ROUND! ShopKeep will be hosting us and providing refreshments, many thanks!

We are looking for approx. 8 speakers to each give a 10-minute lightning talk on a related subject of their choice! Hit Neil up here ( or on Twitter DM at @belfastjs ( to add your name and subject to the submissions list. If you need help and advice with choosing or prepping a talk, or if you just want to suggest an idea for a talk that someone else might give, please get in touch!

* Talks must be no more than 10 minutes in length, with time for a few Q&A at the end of each. There will be a minute or two's leeway, but in the interests of fairness (and session length!) we will need to keep things reasonably tight.

* Speaker submissions will close at the end of November. We will select and announce the lineup no later than Monday December 4th.

* Speaker order will be chosen at random from an appropriate arbiter of destiny (e.g. names in a hat), though if anyone wants to go first/last, that's fine!

* Subject matter can be anything related to JavaScript, HTML/CSS, the web stack, browsers, Node, frameworks, libraries, industry trends, tools or techniques.

* We're especially interested in anyone who would like to talk about:

- Showing off personal / hobby / side-projects using ANY relevant technologies, whether they be complete or WIP

- Opinions and debate about a given framework, library, tech or process

- New and/or experimental browser tech and APIs e.g. WebAssembly, WebVR, crypto, Payment API, etc

- Subjects related to accessibility, performance, inclusion, diversity and/or ethics with regard to JS/FE/web development

- Being a student/postgrad in a related course e.g. IMD, IXD, CompSci, etc, internship/placement experience, lessons learned, things you would change/improve about courses, etc

- Switching to JS/web development from a different discipline or entirely different field

- Experiences and opinions of underrepresented groups in the industry

- Creative use of the web stack or browser tech e.g. game development, graphics, audio, educational aids, art/installations, etc

This is a great opportunity for first-time speakers or people who are put off by the idea of doing a long-form talk. Slides and presentation aids are encouraged, but not essential.

We will be kicking off at 6:30pm on Wednesday 20th December. Looking forward to receiving your submissions and to seeing you all there!

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