Better Man conference coming to UK to help businessmen with inclusivity

  • The Better Man conference is coming to the UK in March to help British and European businessmen learn how to be better allies to women and people from under-represented groups. 

    The event about inclusive, healthy masculinity' and ‘heart-based leadership' has won a huge following in New York and San Fransisco over the past four years. 

    The Better Man Movement is a diversity, equity and inclusion organisation that aims to engage men in creating an inclusive culture.

    CEO Ray Arata has an extensive business background and more than 10,000 hours in leading men to develop what he calls 'emotional literacy'. 

    Ray has addressed men from all walks of life, from small enterprises to huge, corporate organisations, and says he is on a mission to transform business culture for the greater good.

    He has recruited compelling guests for the British and European audience, including keynote speaker, ex-England and Chelsea footballer Graeme Le Saux, who has sat on the FA's inclusion advisory board.

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    Other diversity and inclusion experts will be attending such as DK Bartley, Chief Diversity Officer of Moody's; Suki Shandu, OBE; and Jennifer Tarjanyi.

    Ray said: "The gender dynamics have changed radically in the past decade, both in the US and the UK, and many men are not comfortable or confident navigating this new world. They're not even sure of the vocabulary they should use in today's workplace, let alone how to contribute to inclusion efforts.

    "Division, uncertainty, and rapid changes in the conversation can contribute to hesitancy around what a man's role is, or fear of being canceled for saying the wrong thing.

    "I set up the Better Man Conference events four years ago - even before the hugely transformative Black Lives Matter, #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns - to help men to understand and explore the roles they might play as allies to women and to individuals from ethnic minority groups, so our business cultures can be improved for the better, and importantly - without shame or blame.

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    "And, we shouldn't forget that a change of culture will allow us to harness all the talents within business and is therefore a win/win for men, women, and their organisations."

    The Better Man UK Conference, which will take place on 16 March, will be an online webinar event this year, although Better Man hopes to bring an in-person conference to London later in 2021. 

    "The pandemic has created an even wider gulf between those who are privileged and those who are not," Ray continued.

    "Inequalities have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Executives, business leaders, change-makers, HR experts, community and local government leaders - they should all be engaging with this conversation now; meeting the men in their organisations where they are now emotionally, with no blame or shame, and supporting them to grow and develop, so that as a whole society we are stronger and better placed to meet the challenges of the 21st century head-on."

    The Better Man Conference will be held on 16 March. To book a place, or for more information, go to 

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